Vinos Distintos

We are a different company

We are united by the passion for wine, viticulture and enology.

This is the story of a long, constant and passionate search for small producers in Spain, who produce wines

which you will fall in love with. 

Just by chance, or perhaps fate, that most of the producers are small ones, very sensitive towards their environment,

the nature, the sustainability, the ecology or the biodynamic. Most of them are vintners of second or third generation

who wanted to prove to themselves that the wine borns & begins in the vineyard.


Some of them have subscribed it through certifications, others do not see the need to write down on paper either

philosophy or way of understanding life, nature or the environment.

Gardeners and custodians of the vineyards, they disappear into the blue from prescriptors and wine contest.

Hiding out their most precious and highly regarded works between tanks and casks, they produce not only artisan

wines but limited quantities of wine which are far away from big retailers.

Their live are committed to preserve those vineyards and cellars.

Their greatest dream or maybe ours, is the ability to cross borders in search of those wine lovers who appreciate

and value the wines which are different. In any case, it is a pleasure to share with you these small treasures.

Why you should choose us?

We are connected

We have the best contacts, result of work done for many years in the sector. We know well national and international clients, specifiers and retailers of prestige.

We commit

We are deeply engage with our wineries and importers, working as a team, with a clear objective: to develop and establish long-term relationship between importers and the winery.

We have magic

It is intuítion,

experience, contacts and knowledge of the sector, the reason for our success.

There is no trick with

Vinos Distintos.

The results are due to the daily work of the team. 

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