Vinos Distintos




What do we do ?



We make it easy for importers from all over the world to discover small treasures from Spain.

We come from a family of winegrowers and winemakers. We know first-hand the difficulties of giving international visibility to wines from small producers. 

We are the link between importers who wish to include authentic wines and small producers in their portfolio, and who want to publicize their wonderful wines.

Vinos Distintos - Tierra Savia
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How we do it

We are committed

We're not an agency or intermediaries. We are not brokers or "negociants" either 

We only represent small producers and work from within each project. Implicing us and acting as an Export department supporting small producers. 

That's why our method works like no other to build and develop long-term relationships between importers and wineries.


Export of small Spanish producers.




The experience of more than 20 years, our passion, contacts and knowledge of the sector, are the reason for our success.

20 years building relationships between importers and small producers through work and passion.

 How We Work

We blindly believe in each of the projects we collaborate with.

We visit countless wineries every year throughout Spain. We know the producers and taste more than 500 wines a year, in order to find credible, serious, sustainable and continuity projects. 

We ensure that wines not only meet quality standards, but we look for projects that can be sustainable over time, because we know the markets and the needs of importers.

We support importers throughout the wine selection process, we process the shipment of samples, tastings, subsequent orders, and always looking for the best options.

We make numerous trips to support importers. 

And we will coordinate the logistics groupage with the best conditions!!

We are the export department of Small Spanish Wineries.