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Red Variety


Similar in appearance to Garnacha Tinta, is a grape variety native to the Balearic Islands, with a widespread crop in the D.O. Binissalem, in the heart of the island of Mallorca, and Pla de Llevant.


Is a grape variety native to the Mallorca, cultivated in the D.O. of Binissalem and Plà i Llevant. In Mallorca it has been a variety that has been cultivated traditionally in the region by individuals and winemakers for the elaboration of local wines.


It is a rustic variety, resistant to drought and uniform development. The bunch is long and the grain is thick and elongated. This variety gives wines of great acidity and marked tannins, which contrasts with the little contribution of color. Need very poor soils and very old vines to limit the vigor and reduce production to obtain grapes that offer a good base to vinify in reds.


An autochthonous variety from southeastern Spain. It is the second most important grape variety after Tempranillo and the third most planted in the country.

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Tempranillo is possibly the world's highest quality Spanish grape variety. Undoubtedly, it originates from the upper basin of the river Ebro, in an area between La Rioja and Navarra.


It has been the most widely used ink variety in Spanish viticulture for a long time. It is a vigorous strain, of Aragonese origin, very austere.

Cariñena is one of the oldest grape varieties in Spain, originally from Cariñena (Aragón) from where it has taken its name. Variety of high yield and great vigor, which grows well in slate soils.

It is cultivated mainly in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula from the time of the Ancient Rome. He recovered from the phylloxera disaster of the late nineteenth century. For a time it was considered a clone adapted from the Cabernet Franc grape.

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White Variety


La Godello, is an indigenous grape from Galicia, on the banks of the River Sil. It is the most important variety of D.O. Valdeorras and, in addition, it is present in other denominations of origin like Monterrey and the Bierzo, where it is believed that it is original around the XII century.


Legend has it that the Albariño grape was introduced in Galicia by the Cistercian monks, back in the twelfth century, on their pilgrimage through the road to Santiago. The cultivation of the vine is usually raised from the soil with the intention of facilitating the access of sunlight and separating the crop from the soil moisture.

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The wines made with viognier are fine, delicate, complex, aromatic and with a moderate alcoholic strength. Fruity aromas such as mango, apple, peach, apricot and melon make the aromas bring nobility and finesse to their wines. It is a shy and mysterious grape that brings to the wines the personality, body and volume in its passage through the mouth.


Variety of white grapes also called Prensal Blanc. It is the basis of a good part of Mallorcan white wines. More frequent in Binissalem, it gives rise to light and balanced and sparkling targets. It gives rise to wines with a marked fruity character, straw yellow color, very good structure, intense in very pleasant sensations.

White grenache is a white grape variety of wine that is related to the grenache red grape. The wines are characterized by a high degree of alcohol and a low acidity, with citrus and herbaceous notes. It has clusters of sizes that are not very large and compact. The berries are medium-sized, round and yellow-green in color.

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